What is Ring*Con?

Just felt like playing around with Googlism.
My old livejournal seemed to be a ood plave for it :)

Ringcon is very promising
Yes, it is

Ringcon is a fantasy convention held in germany

Ringcon is cancelled

Ringcon is starting in 4 days
Would be cool.

Ringcon is over
Yes, it is. *cries*

Ringcon is a fantasy convention
We already had this statement with more details :)

Ringcon is a convention of and for lord of the rings fans not only from germany
I agree with that.

Ringcon is in cologne
No, it's in Bonn.

Ringcon is the annual convention for tolkien fans and enthusiasts and gathers other fantasy enthusiasts such as harry potter fans
Plus fans of Twilight and Blood Ties.

Ringcon is about *_* greetz nikky
It is??

Ringcon is going to be amazing
It was, it is, it will be.

Ringcon is an interesting and important snape
Does Alan Rickman know that?

Ringcon is
Is what?

Ringcon is the best of the world
At least it's the best convention *I* know.

Ringcon is coming up in 1 week
Not exactly... RingCon 2011 will be 355 days from now.

Ringcon is the largest fantasy convention in europe
So it says...

Ringcon is this weekend in bonn

Ringcon is ja keine abzocke
It's expensive but worth it.

Ringcon is a unique chance for people from different countries to finally meet each other in person
I'm sure it is.

Ringcon is in its' 9th year
10th anniversary next year! :)

ringcon is a convention of and for lord of the rings fans not
Not? "... only from germany" is missing.

Deathly Hallows

Beware the catchy song! :-)

The song is called "Accio Deathly Hallows", but it was written a few days before HP7 came out so it is totally spoiler-free!
Unfortunately I didn't find it until yesterday. I already finished the book a few days ago, but the song is fun anyway!

and when I logged on to livejournal half an hour ago, the first thing that jumped into my sight was lifeafterharry. Maybe I'll have a look in their after this post :)

I will miss the "waiting for the next book", but at least I can look forward to two more movies.

LJ MindMap

My LJ MindMap is ready!
I totally forgot that I ordered one ^^
And now that I have one... what should I do with it? Well, post it, I guess.
So here it is. My little MindMap. Not exactly overcrowded ^^

Collapse )

Webcomic of the Month

This time irascignavojo asked me to introduce the following comic.

Happy Birthday, Iras! ^^

Author:N.E.Z. aka Wazaga
Update:Monday & Friday
Appearance:fully colored (some b/w)

Main characters:
Auron: A young man of a unknown race (who obviously has some bad memories of his childhood?). He has just returned to Cibarra City after taking a five year absence, and it seems that he has missed a few things and now has to make up lost time�Amber: A reptile mount that has been Auron's mount since she was able to carry him and his friend since she was hatched. She's free to go wherever she wants whenever she wants, but prefers to stick close by him in case he needs her. She often likes to act like she ignores him (much like a cat does) and seams to be contrary to his instructions at times. But when it comes down to it, she's as loyal as they come.
Riana: An 18-year-old human girl who was just having a day out with her best friend Jenna and her little brother Tom at the race track when she lost track of Tom and ran into someone else.Tom: Riana's little brother. Just as many 11-year-old boys he's quite curious. When he and his sister went out for a day at the race track, he spots a red sprinter which is rare to see and goes off on his own.
Jenna: A non-human friend of Riana who seems to dislike Rianas tardiness.

My humble opinion:
Actually this comic is quite new to me and it has only 18 pages up to now, but I like the art and the way the story is told so far.

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Wikipedia - English language confusing me ^^

I just browsed through some wikipedia articles when I stumpled over the following sentence in an article about the voice actor Kali Troy

She was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada when she studied journalism at Clark Atlanta University.

At first I thought I could have read something wrong. But when I read it twice it was the same. Reading it again makes no difference.
When I translate this sentence to my language, it means that this girl already had been studying journalism at Clark Atlanta University when she was born?!

Now my question to native speakers who might or might not read my journal:
Do I just lack experience with the Englisch language and it means something completely different? ^^

Thanks for helping ^^

Webcomic of Whatever (second for February ^^)

Yeah, I kept my promise! ^^
This is the second WotM in February (last-minute ^^)

This time it'll be...

Author:Tiffany Ross aka syke
Genre:sience fiction
Update:Monday to Friday
Appearance:fully colored

Chelsea Reid is a college student on summer break who had no idea what she was getting herself into when she opened the door and let her cat in on a stormy night so many days ago. What came in was a cat, her cat and not. What followed was even more bizarre and truly alien. A blue skinned alien named Lexx broke in attempting to reclaim his game piece, the cat. Reluctant to take the cat by force, he made a deal in which Chel agreed to loan him the cat if she could come along to see the space ship. Thus began Chel's introduction to the elaborate game known as "Alien Dice". It’s a game more complex than it initially appears. Animals are bonded to dice and uplifted with unnatural intelligence and abilities to fight and capture others of their kind or merely to entertain their masters. Or at least that was how the game was described to Chel...

Main characters:
Chelsea, usually referred to as simply Chel, is your average girl next door. She's never been popular, just the girl that's always there to help out when it's needed. Opinionated and a bit quick to jump to conclusions with passionate effort, she's wound up in the game through her cat Mittens, which was turned into a dice by Lexx on his first day to the planet.

Lexx, as he prefers to be called is the alien in question who's playing the game. What is Alien Dice? He knows all too well. It's a serious game to him in which his life is in the balance. If he loses, he either becomes a slave to whomever beats him in battle or dies. He would prefer to die. So far, he's almost completed the game,... but no-one has completed it before and the forces against him are rising.

Zeta, one of the living dice of the game, the Fire Dice is Lexx's starting Dice. Unlike Lexx's other dice, when Lexx started a new set he rolled him on the ship so he's never merged with any creature other than his original.

Stealth is Lexx's Strategy Die, bond to Chel's cat Mittens. She is one to hide to have the advantage in a situation. Silence and concealment is her specialty in combat. When not having to fight other dice Stealth goes about her favorite hobby of trying to find out about everything and anything. This makes her valued as a great source of information. She is the only one of Lexx's Dice to know all the rules of the game.

There are still a lot of other characters that I won't introduce here. Go to Shivaewiki to read more.

...and many more.

My humble opinion:
One reason for me to like this comoic is my soft spot for angsty characters. Another reason is the wonderfull creatures Syke creates for the various dice.
But there's one thing to say... If you want to completely understand the first pages, I recommend to read the text below. It tells the same story but often gives a bit more background information.

Most of the texts above are taken from Shivae's Shivaewiki.

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